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The leading colour standard for industry and the trades – worldwide. The colour collection comprises 213 colours, including safety colours, warning colours and the metallic colours 9006 and 9007.


This innovative colour palette for industrial and product design can be produced with waterborne paint systems. The RAL EFFECT colour cards present 420 solid colours and 70 metallic colours.


With a colour fan set and a colour atlas, the RAL DESIGN System includes 1,625 colorimetrically defined colours arranged according to the CIELab system. Ideal for architects and designers.


This software includes all 2,328 RAL colours as colour palettes into graphics and CAD programmes. It conveniently provides the RGB, CMYK, HEX and HLC values for each colour.


In the RAL P1 edition, 100 plastic colour samples present three different surface textures and material thicknesses. RAL P2 PLASTICS is introducing 160 opaque and 40 special, transparent design colours.

RAL Individual

Colour fan decks containing personalized covers
Prices for personalisation available on request from MATHERSON
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DecorAction is the system for presenting colors in the paint sector. "Decor" because it comprises the most fashionale colors (and therefore the most in demand) for enamels, interior and exterior paints. "Action" for the way in which the colors are organized and, above all, for its adaptability to theneeds of each paint maufacturer.