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The forms of color sampling depend primarily on creative ideas and the applicability of these ideas to the intended field of use. The most common forms of color sampling however are the following:


Color cards

Printed brochures to which accurate color chips are applied through various techniques.

Color cards offer an infinite range of unique presentations and corporate identities through the personalization of graphics and formats.

Depending on the types of color effects, technical requirements and your personal preference, the colors can be applied to the printed cards either by gluing coated chips (chip mounting) or by injecting wet paint through a matrix directly to the printed card (direct deposit).


Fan decks

Fully coated or stripe-coated color leaves, bound in the form of a fan.

Fan decks are practical for showing extensive color ranges or larger color samples.


Color books

Color compendia that combine the effectiveness of color cards with a particularly enriched and refined communicative impact.



Products for point of sale display and consultation of color ranges.

Displays are often modular in order to satisfy all requirements in terms of available space

The color samples can either be fixed or removable (take-home chips) in our patented transparent pockets.

Matherson can develop unique display designs for your POS needs.