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Technique & Method


Color sampling is often erroneously confused with offset printing. In reality, offset printing is not effective in accurately representing a color range, but is an excellent medium for the graphic presentation or “frame” of the color range.

In our color sampling technique every single color of your range is reproduced with special paint we make in-house for use on paper materials. Each and every color can be adjusted to a strict, measurable tolerance in matching and can have many optical and tactual effects.

Our production combines several distinct production operations:

  • Precision paint production (color matching);
  • several methods for applying the paint to paper;
  • offset and screen printing;
  • paper finishing and packaging.

Certain original products than cannot be imitated are professionally applied to a substrate and transformed as well into unique color sampling tools.


“What do I need to know to start a color sampling project?”

Beginning a new color sampling project includes choosing the right products to represent your color range as well as the format and graphic presentation of the selected products. This process begins with a briefing with a project manager to determine all of the technical aspects of your project. The principal aspects to determine are the number and type of colors to be reproduced, the graphic format and the quantity of color samples that will satisfy your market needs.

During this process you can draw on Matherson’s creative ideas and even request a complete graphic proposal.

The next step is the costing for the project, whereby variations are considered in order to reflect your budget requirements. Once the project is defined and the delivery time programmed the actual production begins upon receipt of your color standards to be reproduced in our laboratory.

Our production process is comprised of various phases: production of paint with precision color matching; various methods of applying the paint to paper substrates; offset and/or screen printing; finishing and packaging.

Original product finishes with textures that cannot be reproduced though our paint are applied professionally to the most suitable substrate and transformed into color samples.

Technique method
Technique method
Technique method
Technique method
Technique method