Matherson is one of the longest existing producers of colour sampling.

Since 1959 our production ranges from the simplest of marketing tools to the most precise laboratory standards for any field of application and market sector, including automotive, construction, decorative paints, furniture, powder coatings and wood finishes.

Matherson’s high quality standards, its constant dedication to developing innovative solutions for its customers and its ability to combine the highest colour accuracy with attention to detail make it the ideal partner for any company striving to optimize its sales and marketing strategies.


MATHERSON was founded in Norway in 1959, continuing the activities begun in Chicago, USA in the 1940’s as Matherson-Selig.
Situated in Sarpsborg (N), the company’s main activity was the production of chip-mounted colour cards.
1963 saw the opening of a factory in England and a representative office in Australia.

New factory

The current factory was opened in Presezzo (BG), Italy in 1972 and was dedicated to the production of chip-mounted as well as direct deposit colour cards.
In the 1980’s Matherson specialized in the production of colour sampling for the automotive OEM and refinish industries, whereas the 1990’s saw investments that expanded the company presence in the construction and decorative paints sectors.

Matherson Spa

In the 2000s, Matherson-Selig became the current MATHERSON Spa, a 100% Italian company, carrying on the previously begun development through the renewal of the production plant.

Wide-ranging Product

With the creation of a dedicated spraying plant in 2008, Matherson became the only Italian producer to offer the market a complete range of application techniques: direct deposit, chip mounting, coating, spraying as well as manual application techniques used in the construction, decorative effects and wood finishes industries.