The RAL colour standard for plastics. 300 plastic colour samples in the RAL P1 + P2 combined Set

The RAL P1 Set comprises one protective case containing the 100 most popular colours from the RAL CLASSIC collection. Two further cases contain the RAL P2 Set featuring 160 opaque and 40 transparent plastic colour samples from the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus palette. It is particularly suitable for attractive colour design.

  • 1 box RAL P1 and 2 box RAL P2 in one Set
  • 100 RAL CLASSIC colours and 200 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours
  • Three surface textures: high gloss polished, VDI 24, VDI 42
  • Format plastics colour sample: 10,5 x 14,8 x 0,3 cm
  • Includes reflectance curve, absolute values and colour distance from original plastic sample
  • Protective sleeve for each plastic colour sample