Color sampling since 1959

Matherson is an independent company, with a global vision, which for over forty years has been producing effective and technically advanced colour communication tools for several industrial applications

Colour cards
Matherson Colour cards

Printed media on which a range of colour chips are applied using different techniques.

Fan decks
Matherson Fan decks

Fan-shaped tools with pages in one or more colours, fixed by a screw or rivet.

Matherson Book

Books are tools that contain refillable colour samples.

Peel & Stick
Matherson Peel & Stick

Peel & Stick product that can be repositioned countless times without any residue.

Matherson Displays

Colour range consultation tools for shops.

Matherson RAL

RAL is a colour matching system that shows the colours for paints, coatings and plastic materials.

RAL provides users of colour in architecture, industry, craft and design with 2.530 colour samples. The range includes several collections and systems, including digital ones.



DecorAction is our system to present colours in paint industry. The word is made up of “Decor”, as it contains the trendiest colours for internal enamels and paints, and “Action”, the way these colours are organised.

Buy DecorAction line in our online shop

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RAL e-commerce

RAL has been a quality guarantee for over nine decades and it is one of the oldest professional labels in the world.

The worldwide codified and constantly updated high standards guarantee reliability and clarity in the selection of each shade of colour.

RAL is an established and well-known distributor of products for professional applications and has more than 40 distribution partners around the world.

Matherson is the certified producer and distributor in Italy for RAL.

To purchase RAL products, please write to the following email address:


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